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Mokena Burros Football Program Mission Statement

The mission of the Burros Tackle Football program is to teach children ages 6-14 the basics and fundamentals of football while promoting self confidence, good sportsmanship, camaraderie, physical, and mental development.  Pee Wee through Varsity play in a competitive environment while the Widget level focuses on development.



  • Registration is on a first come first served basis, with alumni receiving priority, so that as many children as possible can participate.  A waiting list will be established after maximum registration is reached at each level.  Maximum registration shall be determined by the Athletic Director (AD) each year.
  • Players must show proof of age by submitting a birth certificate copy to remain on file with the Burros.  This is a league requirement.


Team Placement

The River Valley Youth Football League, (RVYFL), regulates teams.  Age and weight classifications are strictly enforced as follows: Click here for the current Age and Weight Matrix as defined by the RVYFL.


  • No child can be moved to a team that exceeds his/her age and/or weight classification, unless he/she has permission by his/her parents and the Athletic Director.  The AD should then bring this issue to the Board of Directors.  A mutual decision as to what is best for the player will be discussed.  If the decision is for the child to be moved to a team that exceeds his/her weight, the parents will then be notified and will sign waivers of insurance and responsibility.
  • The Mokena Youth Athletic Association, Burros Football, does not condone any weight loss.